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About Us

Twenty Something's Closet is a breath of fresh air for young vibrant ladies who are the urban fashion icons of the future. Fashion can be represented in so many ways, Twenty Something's represents ladies who want to keep that young vibe while slaying for the God's.

Whether you are dressing up for night out on the town or a sophisticated vibe, or a chill cute chic look, Twenty Something's has a variety of options for you.

The range of what twenty something year-olds wear and what twenty something year olds perception of fashion is, represents this boutique.

Meet our Founder, Jasmine Reddick

Jasmine absolutely cannot live without fashion. Jasmine wants young women of color to walk in and demand the room no matter the time or the place. Jasmine was born and partly raised in Harlem, NY. After 9/11 Jasmine's parents moved 'down south' as we used to call it to Charlotte, NC. Still on the East Coast so a lot of Jasmine's inspiration and style (stem)s is Northern but mostly an East Coast feel. 


 Stem is in parenthesis and meant to be used as a play on words because Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math is where Jasmine started originally with fashion in mind after the grind. Jasmine originally went to school to study Electrical Engineering and is now in Technology Sales starting an fashion boutique. Where they do that at? 


Ever since Jasmine was a little girl, in dance recitals, in tap dancing lessons, gymnastics, you name it... there was always a creative expression through an added fashion touch that set her apart. 


With the name Twenty Something's Closet, it gives it away... Jasmine is a 90s baby. All my 90s baby's, ya'll remember when different shades of one color was in style?! Man oh man, that was Jasmine in middle school in all pink, I mean from head to toes. The jacket, the shoes, the pants, the shirts, lots of style evolvement since then, but fashion has been in the background since forever and a day. Now it's time to bring the northern + southern balance of fashion in Jasmine's life to the world presented through Twenty Something's Closet. 


Let's make some statements and add a few pieces to your closet!

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